Yes We Trash Can! - 2012

There aren't many people in this world with new ideas, much less good ones.  You don't get out of the box thinking like this everyday.  Its even better when these revolutionary ideas are to help the planet and just might save your puny selves from eco-disaster.

These selfless individuals have converted their only trash can into a plastic lined bird house and crap hole.  The birds can rest all day on the ledge and poop to their hearts content.  They can even fly inside and build a nest, but it's probably not a good idea though as they will probably get caught in the liner and suffocate.  This may wind up being responsible for more bird deaths than KFC, but its the thought that counts.

You are probably wandering how they are getting by without a trash can for their own use.  Are they throwing their used towels on the floor?  Do they just set fire to each towel after its used?  Do they patty cake with a partner until their hands are dry?  Nope.  They solved that problem too.  Its the old trash bag in a dirty milk crate idea.  They can't be faulted for using such an over-used idea as they really fried some brain cells with the bird house/poop displaying/bird murdering trash can.


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